Temirazer (tenvir tablets 300mg )


Tenvir tablets 300mg as Temirazer from Aprazer in india is a far-reaching powerful antiretroviral sedate for the treatment of HIV-1 and HIV-2 contaminations in patients more than 18 years old. Can be taken correspondingly with other comparative medications. (Tenvir tablets 300mg)Temirazer is doled out to a gathering of non-nucleoside inhibitors with turnaround transcriptase, otherwise called a protease inhibitor. The medication contains two fundamental dynamic fixings – tenofovir and emtricitabine, because of which the medication has a viable impact in the battle against HIV contaminations, keeping the infection from spreading in the host’s body.

It ought to be noticed that (Tenvir tablets 300mg)Temirazer does not totally keep the danger of HIV transmission, but rather is a successful method to anticipate it. After various investigations in the United States, it has been demonstrated that this medication helps battle AIDS, and on the off chance that it is clung to, the danger of contracting HIV is decreased by 73%. It is additionally realized that Temirazer is an inhibitor of the hepatitis B infection, yet it isn’t prescribed to utilize with its endless shape. In the wake of finishing the course of taking Temirazer, individuals with HIV and ceaseless hepatitis B ought to be checked by their specialist inside a couple of months.

When all is said in done, the utilization of the medication alongside other antiretroviral drugs is honed; however, there are those with which the joined utilization of Temirazer is entirely precluded. That is the reason the treatment ought to be recommended by an accomplished master who has enough practice in the treatment of HIV diseases.


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